Pousada Casa do Forte is located in the village of Praia do Forte, a natural paradise 57 km from Salvador, connected by the BA-099 highway, which connects Estrada do Coco (where the international airport is) to the Green Line (which connects Bahia to Sergipe).
Praia do Forte is an old fishing village built from the colonization of the region, then Tatuapara, when Casa da Torre was built, better known as the Garcia D’Ávila Castle. Over the years the village has developed with the search for people interested in natural beauty and its peculiarities, becoming more and more known worldwide. Today Praia do Forte revolves around tourism and its infrastructure has been adapted and continues to receive improvements to receive its tourists and visitors even better.
The attractions of Praia do Forte are diverse and please the public! See below the main points of visitation:

NATURAL POOLS: At low tide, natural pools are formed very close to the sand where you can enjoy the calm sea and see fish, corals and marine fauna with the naked eye or with snorkel (See the Tide Table HERE). The beaches where this phenomenon happens are: Praia do Pedra do Chapéu with smaller pools ideal for families with young children, Praia do Lord which forms a larger pool and is the best known of Praia do Forte and Papa-Gente, the ideal pool for those who want to snorkel. There is a structure of tents at Pedra do Chapéu and at Lord with chairs, umbrella and snorkel rental, drinks and snacks service. For guided snorkel tours we recommend Portomar, visit their website HERE

THE VILLAGE: Pousada Casa do Forte is located within the village of Praia do Forte, 150m from the main street (Alameda do Sol) where there is a wide variety of shops, restaurants and services. The main street is all wooded and exclusive for pedestrians, bicycles and the famous "bicitaxis", making the walk very pleasant. At the end of the main street is the Chapel of São Francisco de Assis in front of Praia do Portinho with its boats moored making this the most famous postcard of Praia do Forte.

TAMAR PROJECT: The TAMAR Project began in 1980 to protect sea turtles in Brazil and works on research, protection and management of the 5 species of sea turtles that occur in Brazil, all of them threatened with extinction. The Praia do Forte Visitors Center serves as a center for research and dissemination of marine life, environmental awareness and education, leisure and services, in addition to generating job opportunities. They have tanks and aquariums, information panels, life-size replicas of sea turtles and silhouettes, spaces for exhibitions, lectures and videos, restaurant and shop for the sale of exclusive products. Open daily from 08:30 to 18:00 Tel: (71) 3676-0321 / 98127-2010 Website:

GARCIA D'ÁVILA CASTLE: One of the main tourist attractions of Praia do Forte is the majestic ruin of the Casa da Torre de Garcia D´Ávila, the only building in the Americas with medieval features, erected in 1551 on top of Tatuapara and also known as Castelo de Garcia D'Ávila. The building, listed by IPHAN in 1937, is inserted in the Historical and Cultural Park, which also includes the Archaeological Site, the surrounding area for events and a 1,700m² Visitation Center. As a contribution, a visitation fee is charged, whose revenue is used to maintain and protect the Ruins, generating jobs for the native population. More information:

HUMPBACK WHALE PROJECT: The Humpback Whale Project was created in 1988 to protect the humpback whale in the region of Banco dos Abrolhos, the main nursery of the species throughout the Western South Atlantic and to develop socio-educational activities with coastal communities in the region, through environmental information and education . Subsequently, the actions extended to the North of Bahia, where the second base of the project was founded, in Praia do Forte. From July to October the Humpback Whales invade the coast of Bahia when it is possible to observe these gigantic and charming animals through whale watching tourism, whalewatching. Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. Learn more at:

KLAUS PETERS PARK: Klaus Peters Park is the first Integral Protection Conservation Unit in the Municipality of Mata de São João and an Outpost of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It has an area of approximately 300 hectares where it houses species of fauna and flora threatened with extinction. The Park has a 3.6km interlocking track perfect for hiking, running and nature contemplation activities. Currently, three tours can be developed in the park: Bicycle, Canadian canoe and horseback rides made through accredited local operators (talk to our reception to schedule your tour!) Operation: 6 am to 6 pm daily - Admission: Free

SAPIRANGA RESERVE: The Sapiranga Ecological Reserve, formed by six hundred hectares of Atlantic Forest It is a natural habitat for different species of native flowers and plants and a rich fauna. The tours in the reserve can be done in several ways such as: walking, running, cycling and for those who prefer more adventure, the best option is the quad bike. Consult our reception to schedule your tour with accredited agencies!